Index to the Microfilm
Records of the Probate Office
Irwin County , Georgia

(Marriage records: 1818- March 1959)
(Estate Records: 1818- 1970)

923 Dorminey-Doss Rd.
Tifton,GA 31793

Roll # 		Description
1)    Temporary Letter of Administration: C.H. Adams
      Temporary Letter of Administration: Nero Adams
      Last Will and Testament: S.R.C. Adams
      Last Will and Testament: Hattie Allen, etc. etc. 
      Estate Records: C.H. Adams to Gardner Canady
2)    Estate Records: Gardner Canady to E.C. Estry
3)    Estate Records: E.C. Estry to J.B. George
4)    Estate Records: J. B. George only
5)    Estate Records: J.B. George to Micajah Harper
6)    Estate Records: minors Harper (father J.J. Harper) to Harris Jones
7)    Estate Records: Harris Jones to Hazel Mae McGee, et al.
8)    Estate Records: A. McInness to George Paulk Jr.
9)    Estate Records: George Paulk to Julie Harper Wideman Richardson
10)   Estate Records: Julie Harper Wideman Richardson to Walter Sumner
11)   Estate Records: Walter Sumner to Roy Chester Watson
12)   Estate Records: Roy Chester Watson to J.R. Zorn
13)  2074592 Index: Estate and Guardianship Records of Irwin County 1818-1970
        Index: Marriage Records of Irwin Co., GA 1832- March 1959 - by Groom
        Index: Marriages of Irwin County, Georgia 1818-1959 - by Bride
        Marriage Records: Elbert Abbott to Willis Dixon
14)  2074593  Marriage Records: John Dobbins to Willie Lee Hyman
15)  2074594  Marriage Records: J.P. Iceson to Elbert T. Paulk
16)  2074692  Marriage Records: Elbert T. Paulk to Delbert Truelove
17)  2074693  Marriage Records: A.C. Tucker to Arnold Zollkofer
        Bastardy Records 1818- 1960
        Application for Soldiers Pensions 1818 to 1915