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........BETTY Roberts. Their children were; John, Ed, Hughey, Claude, William, Ida and Emory.

John married Mary Sutton.

Ed married Telithia Paulk, daughter of Rev. William Paulk.

Hughey married Elizabeth McMillan, daughter of Malcolm McMillan, of Brookfield. He died.

Claude married Estelle Lott.

William married Sallie Baker.

Eda married Roscoe Hammond, of Enigma.

Emory married Lois Patterson, daughter of Elder Patterson.

Shadrack, or Shade, son of John B. was County Commissioner of Berrien county for a number of years. He married Jane McCook, and settled near Alapaha. Their children were: W.W., or Bud, who never married. Dora married Charlie Paulk, son of As Paulk. Bessie married mack Paulk, brother of Charlie Paulk, Cora married Wm. D. Branch, of Ocilla. She died,. Aurelia never married. Son, the youngest boy, was killed near Alapaha by a negro.

Jim, son of John B., married Abbie Vickers, daughter of olf Thomas Young, the first. They moved to Alabama.

Nebuchadnezzar, the youngest son of John B. Dorminy, called "Neb", represented Irwin county in the legislature in the early part of 1900. He defeated E.J.Young. He married Mattie Haines.

Their children: John D., never married. He is cashier of the Exchange Bank of Fitzgerald. Julia married J.A. Turner, president of the Exchange National Bank of Fitzgerald. Nellie married D.J. Henderson, cashier of the Citizens Bank of Ocilla. Mollie married Col. J.A. McDonald, of Fitzgerald. Mittie, Lillie, Inez, and Ed are single.

Elijah, son of John B., married Margaret Anne Rigdon. Their children were: George J., Nellie , Wooty, Margie, Bettie, Stella, Wiley, Andrew, Elisha, Enoch and Walter.

George J. married Annie McDemett, Nellie married Math Russell.

Wooty married Clyde Mobley.

Mary married Mid Barnes.

Bettie married Ethan Smith.

Stella married Archie Weave.

Wiley married Miss Gay.

Andrew married Minnie Williams.

Elisha married Ellen Kane.

Enoch died.

Walker married Miss Smith.

Betty is single.

Martha, daughter of John B., married Berrien Hobby, son of Andrew Hobby. Their children were: Judy, who died; Andrew, Lott, who married Miss Rouse; Jim who married Miss Hardy; Burrell, who also married a Miss Rouse who died, he then married Miss Ward, and Polly who married Elbert G. M. Fletcher, of Irwinville. Nellie married Ed Griffin.

Note from J.E.(Edd) Dorminey: After much research, I know that several things are wrong in this sketch. I won't go into them all right now as you can see the changes in a book I have printed as described below. The item above that said "Nebuchadnezzar, the youngest son of John B. Dorminy, called "Neb", represented Irwin county....". In reality "Neb" was actually the youngest son "Nab". His name was "Alexander Steven Polk Dallas Zachariah Taylor Rough and Ready Dorminy". His nickname was "Nab". "Nab" was a representative in the state legislature and once had an eye shot out by "Tuggin" Fussell who was shooting at a man that was talking to "Nab".

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