March 22, 1912

Vol. XXI No. 46


James Gibbs married Mahala Paulk and settled near Little River four miles from where Ty Ty is now located. They raised a family and moved to the old Jake Clements place, where both died and were buried at Hickory Spring cemetery.

Ty Ty was named at Ty Ty creek and was the property of William Mitchell, father of Billy Mitchell. There was a large field on the present site of Ty Ty before James Gibbs and J.L. Thigpen operated a turpentine still there. Saunders Jelks was the first Merchant in Ty Ty. Then Coon Brady, the Williams, Fords and others built up the town.

James Gibbs and his wife lived to a ripe old age and were blessed with a good family. Their children were: James, Allen, John, Jacob (who died), Ellen, Martha, Kate and Frankie. James, son of old James, entered the ministry and became Presiding Elder of Hickory Springs Primitive Baptist Church. He married Polly Warren, daughter of George Warren. She died, leaving James who married Kitty Peeples of Florida; Warren, who married Thoney Peeples of Florida; William who married Vera Willis; she died. He then married Bessie Partridge; Henry married Ruby Partridge; Wright married Hattie Patrick; Mahala married John Willis, son of George; Nancy married William Willis, son of Henry; Millie married James Patrick; Sarah married J. Wiley Taylor. Rev. James Gibbs next married Mrs. Mary Paulk, widow of Hon. George Paulk.

Allen, son of James, married Sally Warren, daughter of George; she died, leaving Jacob, who married Deena Branch, daughter of "Poplarstick Bill"; George, who married Mrs. Brown of Ashburn; John, who married Mamie McMillan, daughter of Tom; Becky, married Robert Land, son of Calvin Land; Sykes and Bobby, single. Allen married Martha Brown the second time, they have a large family of small children.

Saunders, son of Richard Gibbs, married Mary Jane Bowen. Their children: Ollie married Sallie Fletcher; she died; Warren married Carrie McCranie; Lula and Ira, single.

Sidney and Dan, sons of old Richard, single.

Becky, daughter of old Richard, married Jesse Taylor.

Milly, daughter of old Richard, married Dan McMillan. She died, leaving a son, Allen. Reason Gibbs, married Becky Barton. Their children; Ida, Mack, E.R., W.S.,J.C., Mahala, Jane, Kate, Sidney N., Alvis C. and Gordon.

Jim Gibbs, son of old Richard, married Sophia Alexander. Their children were: Alice, Ava Jane, Allen, Albert and Alder. Alice married Wilburn Alexander, son of John. Ava Jane married Miles Mock. Allen married Molly Stone, daughter of Murdock Stone. Albert and Alder are single.

Hezekiah married Becky Hall. Their children were: Joseph, Jim, George, Tom, Hezekiah, Dan, Martha, Betsy and Julian. Tom died in the war.

John, son of old James Gibbs, married Sally Willis. He died, leaving Laney who married Tom Cottle; Silas, Edgar, Milner, Earnest, Carl and Earl, all single. Martha, daughter of James Gibbs, married Jim Warren.

Kate, daughter of James Gibbs married W.E. Williams of Ty Ty. Their children were: Flora, married Albert Nelson; Lizzie married George Godard; E.J., or Capt. Zeke, married Myrtle Pound; Tom V. and Dr. Frank, of Vienna are single.

Frankie, daughter of James Gibbs, married Sophronia Land. They settled near Turner Church. Their children were; John, Reason, Saunders, Jim, Fred, Sidney, Dan, Becky and Millie.

John, son of old Richard, married Becky Paulk. She died, leaving Sarah who married Warren Fletcher; Ida married Carl Preston. Alice and Oliver, single. Fred, son of Richard married Susie Walker.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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