March 29, 1912

Vol. XXI No. 47


Marmaduke Hobby was one of the pioneers of Irwin county. He married Jane Welch. Their children were: Jesse, Andrew, Alexander, and Marmaduke. Jesse, son of old Duke, married Polly Marchant. Their children were: Betsy married jim Paulk; she became the mother of Dan, Robert, John B.D., and Frank Paulk.

Rachel married Zara Paulk; she died, leaving Jesse, George F. and others well known throughout the county. Jane married Richard Tucker; Tempy married Hiram Tucker; Judy married Dick Tucker, son of old Joh; Sarah married John Tucker, son of Elisha; Issaac married Katherine Tucker, daughter of Elisha; Duke, another son of Jesse, married Betsy Paulk, daughter of Jacob Paulk, a sister of Mrs. Jehu Fletcher of Mystic; Margaret, another daughter of Jesse, married George Fletcher, son of "Sandy Jim"; both died. Jake, son of Jesse, went to Florida. Tom, son of Jesse, went to Texas. Mary and Lizzie, youngest daughters of Jesse.

Andrew, son of old Marmaduke, married Lindy Swett. Their children were: Berrien, Jesse, Jim, William, Polly and Martha.

Berrien, son of Andrew, married Martha Dorminy. Their children were: Jane, who died; John B., James W., B.A., Polly, Michael Micajah and Andrew Lott who married Easter Rouse. She died leaving: Lester, who married mack Smith; Wright married Louise Smith; John married Eddy Bee Willis; Lula is single. He next married Ella Ward. Their children are: Luther, Claud, Lewis and Dora.

John B., son of Berrien, married Bee Rouse. Their children are: Otis and Nellie, single, and Cora Lee, who married Homer Youngblood.

James W., son of Berrien, married Nannie Harding. Their children are May Bird married Elija Stevens; Annie married Allison Turner; John B., Carl, Thelma single.

B.A., son of Berrien, married Anna Fillyaw. Their children: Bernice married William Lumpkins; Dennis married Willie Belle Cummins; Willis, Polly, Andrew, Mercer, Liddy and Effie, single.

Polly, daughter of Berrien, married Elbert Fletcher of Irwinville. (All in the Fletcher group)

Michael Micajah married Hattie Beckham. He died, leaving William and George.

Jesse, son of Andrew Hobby, married Amanda Vines. Their children: Elizabeth married Thomas Walker; Washington went to Florida; Daniel died; Ellen is single.

Liddy, daughter of Jesse, was burned to death in the field while burning grass.

Hiram, son of Jesse, married Martha Young. Their children: Catherine married L.G. Eldridge; Jesse married Alfred Waters; William married Cora Waters; Robert, Ellen, Estelle and Hiram, single.

Jefferson, son of Jesse, married Fannie Rutland. Their children: Joseph married Jennie Young; Eveline married Jerry Jeter; he died; she next married D. Lumpkin; Morris married Sarah Beckham; Anna married Meredy Eldridge; Florence, David, Elizabeth, Julia, Clarence, Clyde, Mary Alice are single.

Mary, daughter of Jesse, married T.R.Hayes. Their children were: Georgia, Amanda, Andrew, Richard and Lulu; all are in Texas.

Ellen, daughter of Jesse, married Jesse Branch, son of "Poplar Stick Bill". Their children are Millard and Carrie, both single.

George, son of Jesse, married Minnie Brown. Their children are Andrew, Lee, Jesse, Hansford, Mabel, Gordon, all single.

Jim, son of old Andrew, married Kate Henderson. He died, leaving Sally, who married Wiley Russell.

William, son of old Andrew, married Betsy Willis, daughter of old Ben Willis. Their children: Daniel married Martha Owens; Benjamin married Mary Whitley, daughter of George Whitley, sister of Wiley Whitley, Clerk of Superior Court of Ben Hill County.

Polly, daughter of old Andrew, married Jack Sumner. Their children : Martha married Columbus Alford; Sophronia married, Joel Mercer; Missouri married Tom Deese; Arkansas married John Pittman; Joseph married Judy Whiddon; John married Mary McCrary; she died. He next married Pearl Perkins.

Martha, daughter of Andrew, marred Dan Sumner. They had no children.

Andrew, son of old Andrew, married Kate Simpson. He died, leaving one child, Morris, who died also.

Betsy, daughter of old Andrew, married William Hamons. Their children are: Andrew and Verna, both single.

Alexander Hobby, brother to Jesse and Andrew, married Nancy Brown. Their children were: Betsy, who married George McCranie; polly married Valentine Potts, father of Sheriff Potts , of Worth County. Susan married Bob Ford; he died; she next married Ben Sykes; Isaac married Hattie Simpson; Jim married Nancy Hilll; Jesse married Eliza Simpson; Burrell married Kate Culpepper; Katie married Prof. William Royal, of Mystic; Samantha married George Hawkins; William died; Lucretia married Willima Halll; Jane married Cornelius McCorvey.

Duke, son of old Marmaduke, married Alice.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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