Jan. 19, 1912

Vol. XXI No. 37


The Paulk's are one of the most progressive, prolific and influential families in South Georgia. In the old records the name is spelled Polk.

Whiddon is spelled Whitten. It may have been a mistake of the writer, or perhaps the names were correctly spelled, but time and custom have changed the spelling of the names and the descendants bearing these names.

Old Micajah Paulk married Sally Young, sister of "Hopping Jake" Young, a cousin to Thomas Young, Sr. Their offspring and kindred have replenished the earth, tilled the soil, beautified and embellished homes of elegance and comfort where the wild cat, panther, wolf and other beasts roamed the forests, where Micajah and his wife embarked in the struggles of matrimonial endeavors. They were Frugal, industrious, persevering, courageous and adventuresome, with power of endurance, which aided them in the many perils and obstacles of forester life.

Micajah Paulk, the pioneer of the Paulks, came from Laurens county and settled in Irwin. His children were: Jacob, Jim, George, John, Henry, Tom, Micajah, Lizzie, Mollie, Nellie, and Becky.

Jacob, oldest son of Micajah, married Kate Henderson. Their children were: Jim, Sally, George, Betsy, Micajah, Melissa, Mary, Margaret, Tom, and Alonzo.

Jim, the oldest son of Jacob, married Betsy Hobby. Their children were: Sarah, Betsy, x Jacob Y., Dan J.B.D., Frank, Elizabeth, Robert, and Catherine.

Sarah, the oldest daughter of Jim and Betsy, married Columbus Luke: he died leaving Col. T.J. Luke, who married Ollie Wooten.

Wright died. Otis married Alice Fletcher, daughter of Elbert Fletcher; he died. Dan not married, Betsy married Mr. Jackson, Susanna married John Fountain.

Betsy, next child of Jim, died.

Jacob Y., son of Jim and Betsy Paulk, married Amanda Tucker; she died, leaving Beulah, who married John Henderson, son of D.J. Henderson Sr. Mary married Tommy Whitley; Essie married Eugene Henderson. Clayton and Elizabeth single.

Dan, son of Jim and Betsy Paulk, is Messenger of the House of Representatives in Atlanta. He married Sarah Tomberlin. Their children are: Wright, who represents Ben Hill county in the Legislature and who married Nellie Dorminy. Jim married Miss Graham, Mary married D.W.M. Whitley, Clerk of superior court of Ben Hill county. Julie married Wiley Williams, Lola married Arthur Williams, Mavis, single.

John B.D., son of Jim and Betsy, was Clerk of superior court of Irwin county for ten years. He married Millie Branch, daughter of John Branch. Their children are: Horace, Maimy, Dave and Robert. He is a prosperous farmer of Irwin county at present.

Frank, son of Jim and Betsy, is Treasurer of Irwin County. He married Thoney Fletcher, daughter of the late Elbert Fletcher, near Chula. Their children are: Dora, who married Jacob Dorminy, Clifton, Leon and Edwin.

Elizabeth, daughter of Jim and Betsy, married Louis Cupree, of Pulaski county. She died.

Robert D., son of Jim and Betsy, was Messenger of the House of Representatives of Georgia. He married Willie Harden. He died, leaving Maggie, who married Asa Hogan; she died. Millie then married Asa Hogan. Albert married Miss Troup. Phillip single.

Catherine, daughter of Jim and Betsy Paulk, married W.B. (Tuggin) Fussell. Their children were: Jim who married Miss Fussell , daughter of Jake Fussell, Ben married Eleanor Marston, Lizzie married Charles Royal, son of Prof. Wm. Royal; Emma married Ed Easton, William, Tom, Maggie, Dave, Kate, and Susan, all single.

Sally the oldest daughter of Jacob, son of Micajah Paulk I, married John McMillan. Their children were: Dan, John, Malcolm, Jim, George, Archie, Jacob, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Betsy, Melissa and Kate.

(In the McMillan group)

George, son of Jacob, son of Micajah Paulk 1st, married Rachel Whiddon, daughter of Lott Whiddon. He represented Irwin county in the Legislature several times; was elected Ordinary. She died; their children were: Judy, J.B., William, Unie, Melissa, Mary Jane, Georgian, Jacob A., Micajah T., or "Young Lolldy," Tommy D.

Judy, oldest daughter of George, married Luke Harper. She died leaving Rachel, Riley, Wiley, Nancy, Jehu, Judy, Elbert, and Susie.

(In the Harper group).

John B., son of old George Paulk, grandson of Micajah 1st, represented Irwin county in the Legislature and was Tax Collector. He married Mary Tomberlin. Their children: Drew, who was mayor of Fitzgerald, Jacob W., who built the first brick building in Tifton next to the Masonic Hall; he married Lillie Jourdan. Mattie T. married Dr. Dryder, of Virginia.

William F., son of George Paulk, grandson of Micajah 1st, "Little Billie" married Betsy Giddens. Their children were: John D., who married Maxine Harper; she died; he then married May Ellison. Illa married Eli Vickers, Martha died. Annie married James Sutton. Fannie died. Howard married Miss Lula Griner, Edwin married Ada Harper.

Unie Melissa, daughter of George Paulk, granddaughter of Micajah 1st, married Cornelius Clements, the son of Jesse Clements; their children: J.R. married Miss Taylor, daughter of Lem Taylor; Ed married Alice Walker, daughter of Jonathan Walker; Charley married Betty York, Alive married Martin Lee, Minie married Robert Land; she died; Archie single.

Mary Jane, daughter of George, son of Micajah 1st, married J.L. Clements, son of Abraham Clements. Their daughter, Mary Jane, was burned at a school house situated nearwhere Gillis Roberts now lives, on the National Highway, near Tifton. Rev. Jason Shirag was teacher of the school. The child died. The mother died previously.

Georgian, the daughter of George, son of Micajah 1st, married J. Harper. She died in 1908, leaving O.N., Betty, Alice, Johnnie, Ada, Lillie and Mortis.

O.N. married Alice Paulk, Betty married Joe Merritt, Kate married Charlie Tucker, Alice married Ed Mattox. The rest are single.

Jacob, son of George, grandson of Micajah 1st, married Rachel Harper; their children are: George, who married Lucy Vickers; Mary married Jacob Vickers, he died; Lillie married Arthur Vickers, Lott married Rachel Vickers, Ollie married Minnie Vickers, Mamie married Dan Vickers, Cleveland died.

Micajah, son of George Paulk, son of Jacob, grandson of Micajah 1st, married Susie Harper, daughter of Flem Harper, both died, leaving George, another son, Flem died. Micajah was Ordinary of Irwin county.

Tommy D., son of George and grandson of Micajah 1st, married Georgian Fletcher, daughter of Elbert Fletcher, she died. He next married Miss Tomberlin, of Florida.

George, son of Micajah, married Mary Fletcher, daughter of Jehu, the second time. Their children were: George L., who married Sally Sutton; she died, leaving Unie, who married Arthur King, Clara and Betty. He then married Mattie Dukes.

Matilda, daughter of old George, son of Micajah 1st, married Marmaduke Hobby, son of Jesse Hobby. Their children were: Tom, who married Lizzie Coleman of Texas; they settled in Worth county. Margaret married George Fletcher. He died in Florida. Jacob went to Florida. Kate and Mary Ellen, not married.

Micajah, or "Lolldy" son of Jacob, grandson of Micajah 1st, married Martha Van Whiddon. He was Tax Collector of Irwin county, at the same time his brother Jim was Tax Receiver. Both brothers were elected at the same time. He was the father of the famous "Speed" Jake, Lucius, Manassee, Dan, George, Theresa, Micajah.

Jacob, or "Speed", son of Lolldy Paulk, married Betty Lott. He was Tax

Receiver of Irwin county, and a very prominent figure. Their children were: Elisha who married Becky; Lucy who married Dan Vickers, Mary who married Alonzo Tucker, Harper, daughter of Henry Harper; Mattied married J. Shaw, of North Carolina; Judy married Tom Daniels of Bridgetown; Betty married Wm. Whitley. He died after five days of matrimoney, leaving her a young widow of 17. She then married W.D. Branch, son of Eli Branch.

Lucius, son of Micajah II, son of Jacob, son of Micajah I, married Elizabeth Vickers; she died leaving Ava, who married Jacob McMillan; Theresa, who married Walter McMillan; Alva, who married Wright Tucker; Warren, Clerk of superior court of Irwin county. He married Leila Story.

Lucius next married Hester Lee, daughter of Mickey Lee. Their children were: Martha, who married Wm. Chambless. She died. The others, Reason, Jim, Willie, Carr and Laney.

Lucius Paulk served as member of the Board of Education of Irwin county, for a number of years.

Menassee, son of old Lolldy, son of Jacob, son of Micajah I, married Becky McMillan. They still reside in the old long house built by old Lolldy, 60 years ago, when he first married. Their children, Lott, Jacob, Menassee Jr., John, Effie. All single.

Micajah III, son of Micajah II, son of Jacob, son of Micajah I, or "Red Cager", married Mary Fletcher, daughter of Sandy Jim. Their children are: Carrie, who married Albert Young, son of E.J. Young; Jim, Robert, Lee and Minnie, one named Alama, all single.

Dan, son of old Lolldy (Micajah II) married Sophronie Merritt; their children: Elsa, married Ella Maddox, Nonie, Unie,and others, single.

George, youngest son of old Lolldy (Micajah II) married Blansett Sutton, daughter of Jack Sutton. Their children are: Jack Van and Lou.

Theresa, daughter of Micajah II, married Joe Wilcox. Their children were: Mary Ellen, who married Henry Vickers; Grandy, John, Aubrey, Minnie, Edna, and Robert Lee, all single.

Melissa, daughter of old Jacob Paulk, son of Micajah I, married Black Jim Fletcher.

Mary, daughter of old Jacob, son of Micajah 1st, married Jehu Fletcher of Mystic.

Alonzo, son of Jacob Sr., son of Micajah I, married Annie Jane Merritt. He died in the war, leaving Betsy, who married Jack Wooten (both died) and Alonzo who married Lucy Lott.

Margaret, the daughter of Jacob Paulk, son of Micajah I, married John Gaskins. He died, leaving Edwin, who married Texas A. Shaw.

Tom, son of Jacob, son of Micajah I, married Blansett Sutton, sister of Jack Sutton. He died, leaving Lulu, who married Joe Price, brother of Col. Jim Price, of Tifton. She died. Betty married John Luke; he died, leaving one son, Tommy. She next married John Chambless, John married Ellen McMillan. Dr. George married Miss Griffin; Melissa not married.

These are the descendants of Jacob Paulk Sr., son of Micajah I.

Jim Paulk, brother of Jacob, son of old Micajah I, married Faithy Acreage. Their children were: Zara, Betsy, Azor, Ellen, James Jr., Reason, Hiram and Warren.

Zara, oldest son of Jim, son of Micajah I, became a preacher of the Gospel in the Primitive Baptist Faith. He married Rachel Hobby; she died leaving Jesse, George, Warren, Faith, Ellen and Judy.

Jesse, oldest son of Zara, was Sheriff of Irwin county. He married Eliza Oliver; their children were: Molly, Della, Dock and Azor. He died near the Fletcher schoolhouse in 1907.

Molly married Jim Buck Whiddon. (In the "Whiddon group"). Della married Wiley Branch Jr.; she died. Azor married Jane Jones. Dock married Florence Mullis.

George F., son of Zara, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Ida Young, daughter of Hon. George Young. She died, leaving Maude and Joe. He next married Mrs. Alice Taylor, daughter of Wm. J. Clements.

Warren, son of Zara, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Betty Story. He died leaving E.J. and Nora.

Faith, daughter of Zara, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Jehu Sumner, son of Jim Sumner; both died.

Ellen, daughter of Zara, married Mark Luke. (In the Luke column.)

Judy, daughter of Zara married Wm. Roberts.

Zara next married Polly Whiddon, daughter of Jim. Their children were: Jacob., married Narcissa Cravy; Nancy married John Story, Ardella married Mr. Reeves. Alice married John Royal, Elias, Elbert and Mary, single.

Piety, daughter of Jim, died.

Azor, son of Jim, son of Macajah 1st, married Judy Fletcher. Their children were: J.W., Archie, Mack, Faithy, Becky, Effie, Hillsman and Oliver.

James W. married Jane Gibbs. She died, leaving Walton, who married Evelyn Cravy, daughter of G.W. Cravy; Allen married Mrs. Hillsman Paulk, Lennon married Maude Thompson. He was killed by Sheppard, in Tift county; Alive married Wiley Ellis, son of Joshua Ellis. Tally died. James W. then married Fannie Cobb. Their children are: Arthur, Jim, Lucy, Lillie, Unie, Nichols and Maria, still young.

Charlie, son of Azor, married Nora Dorminy, daughter of Shade Dorminy.

Mack, son of Azor, married Becky Dorminy, daughter of Shade Dorminy. He was sentenced to 20 years in the penitentiary for killing his brother, Hillsman. He served six years and was pardoned. He would relate the incident to his fellow prisoners with tears in his eyes. He stated that he was drinking and left Tifton, going toward Brighton, when a man on Horseback approached him in his buggy, pointing a pistol at him. He demanded his money or his life. He quickly drew his revolver and shot the man, never looking to see who it was, until the authorities arrested him, he found out he had killed his own brother. Mack is now living near Alapaha, is an industrious, quiet neighbor attending to his own business. Their children are not quite grown.

Faithy, daughter of Azor, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Jacob Hall. Their children are: Albert, married Ida Fletcher, he died. Walter is in Tifton, Charley and Chesley are at home.

Effie, daughter of Azor, married Charlie Jenkins, Prince of the Harding Fig Contest.

Becky, daughter of Azor, son of Jim, son of Micajah1st, married John Gibbs. She died, leaving Sarah, who married Warren Fletcher, Philemon, Oscar, Alice and Ida.

Hillsman, son of Azor, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Fannie Goodman. He was killed by his brother Mack near Tifton on the road of Brighton.

Oliver, youngest son of Azor, died unmarried and his remains were interred at Turner Church.

Ellen, a daughter of Jim Paulk, son of Micajah 1st, married John Fletcher, "Rusty John". She died.

James Jr., son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st married Millie Whiddon, daughter of Elias Whiddon; she died leaving Jacob M., who married Kate Register. He was cashier of the Citizens Bank of Tifton. He died. Faith married John Swilley. Ivy married Lula Overstreet. He died, Reason married Georgian Tucker. Ava married Hiram Tucker.

James' second wife was Sarah Tucker; she died leaving Walter, who married Mollie Grantham, she died. Walton next married Miss Luke. Eddie married Unie Branch. Willie married Miss Barfield, Jimmie married Carrie Tomberlin, Azor married Mattie Tomberlin. James' third wife was Emma McDermott; one child, Elbert.

Reason, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Anne Brown. He died, leaving J.L., Jacob, Robert, Sam, Mattie, Judy, and Emma. He represented Irwin county in the Legislature. James L. married Laura Lott, daughter of Seward Lott; Grady oldest child, all small.

Jacob, son of Reason, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Lecy Branch, daughter of Wm. Branch, near Chula. He was tax collector of Irwin county. Their children are: Albert, who married Cora Young, daughter of George Young, of Whitley; Eston, Vinson, Onie, Dewey, Auty, Annie, Jane, and Sammy.

Robert, son of Reason Paulk, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, is representing Irwin county in the Legislature. He married Josie Ellarbee. Their children, Louis and Emory, are small.

Sam, son of Reason, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married Addie Sanderlin. He died; she moved to Florida.

Mattie, daughter of Reason, son of Jim, son of Micajah 1st, married J.A.J. Henderson, of Ocilla.

Judy, daughter of Reason, married Dr. Wm. Ashley, of Ocilla.

Emma, daughter of Reason, married J. Tygart, of Nashville, Ga.

Hiram, son of Jim, son of Micajah Sr., married Millie Fletcher. He died, leaving Tishie and Faithy. Tishie married E.J. Hogan, their children were: Dave, who married Jane Branch; she died. Frank married Miss Ewens, Azor married Mollie Paulk, she died. He then married Mattie Paulk, her sister. Mattie married Enon Jernigan, Millie married Albert Paulk, son of Rev. Wm Paulk; Brascotte, Joe, Irwin and Columbus, never married.

Millie Cobb died Nov. 19, 1911.

Faithy, daughter of Hiram Paulk, married Jim Luke. He died.

Warren, youngest son of Jim, Paulk, son of Micajah 1st, married Martha Brown; she died, leaving Jane, who married Fisher Griner; Annie married L.R. Tucker; she died, leaving Herbert and Essie. Melvin married Valley Walker, of Social Circle. He was at one time Mayor of Ocilla. Dora married Joe Little, Alva married Miss Turner, Bertha married Joseph Batts, Gilbert married Mary Lou Davenport.

Warren Paulk died in 1908. He was one of the wealthiest men in South Georgia, leaving a large estate. He represented Irwin County in the Legislature in 1900.

Elbert, son of Jim Paulk, son of Micajah I, married Rachel Clements. Their children: William R., of "Billy" married Miss Unie Luke, daughter of John Luke. He is Prominent in Political circles of Ben Hill county, and a member of the city council. Their children are: Faith married Marion Young; Nancy married Johnson Covinton, Julia married Thomas Y. Fletcher. She died. Cordela married J.H. Ennis, Duncan never married. Reason is Clerk of superior court of Turner county.

This is the generation of Jim Paulk, son of Micajah.

George Paulk, Sr., son of old Micajah I, married Margaret Cool. Their children were: Jacob H., Micajah, Jim, George B., Jane and William.

Jacob H. married Thody Henderson, daughter of Capt. John Henderson. He died, leaving Mitchell, Jim, Georgian and Missouri. Jim married Ellen Wilcox, Missouri married Dan Roberts. Their children: Oren married Nannie Lee Harrell; Ida married W.M. Griner; Emma married Dan Connell; Simon and Gussie, single.

Micajah, son of George, married Mattie Vickers.

Jim and George, sons of old George, died in war.

Jane, daughter of old George, married John Edenfield.

Rev. William Paulk, youngest son of George Paulk, son of Micajah 1st, married Elizabeth Merritt. She died, leaving Jane, John, Wooty, and George. Jane married Rev. Albert Sutton, their children are: Lizzie, married William Griffin. John died. Wooty married Oliver Harper. George never married.

Phoebe Mathews was the second wife of William, son of George. She died leaving Maggie, Tim, Jake, Tilithy and Albert. Maggie married Zara Harper, son of Buck Harper, Tim married Rachel Whiddon, daughter of Jim Jr., Tilithy married Ed Dorminy, son of Jack. Albert married Millie Hogan, daughter of E.J.

The third wife of Rev. William Paulk was Elizabeth Douglas, she died.

Nellie, daughter of Micajah Paulk I, married John B. Dorminy, son of old John Dorminy.

Micajah, son of old Micajah Paulk I married Polly McMillan. Their children were: George, Mary, Sarah, Elija, Micajah, Jane and John.

George, son of Micajah, son of Micajah 1st, married Dililah Vickers. He died in the war, leaving one daughter, Jane who married John Brown. Their daughter, Mary, married Louis Hancock, their children, Sammy and John.

Mary, daughter of Micajah, son of Micajah I, married Mack Harper. He died leaving Unie, who married J.D.C. Smith; Little Mack, who married Annie Turner; Jim J., who married Alda Register and Mary Jane, who first married John NeSmith and Later, N.L. King.

Sarah, daughter of Micajah, son of Micajah I, married Hon. Henry T. Fletcher.

Elija, son of Micajah, son of Micajah I, married Tishie Vickers. Their children were: Dennis, Sally, Polly, Lucinda, and Nancy(dead), Dennis married Samantha Sears; their children : Elijah married Miss Corbett; Miriam, married Joe Patterson,(he died); Sally married John Fussell; their children: Bud married George Vickers, Mary married Asa Paulk.

Polly, daughter of Elija, married John Vickers; their children are Jake and Nancy.

Lucinda, daughter of Elija, married Elija Harper.

Micajah, "Cross-Eyed Cager," son of Micajah, son of Micajah I, married Mrs. Mattie Tant. Their children: William married Miss Register, Polly Ann married W. Griner (she died); Jane married Joel J. Autherford; George married Minnie Faulkner; Sarah married B. Rutherford.

John, son of Micajah Sr., married Miss Lott. Their children were: John, Micajah, Henry, Sally and Lucinda.

John, son of John, married Mary McClelland, their son, Rance, got killed.

Micajah, son of John, married Elisa Daniels, they have two children.

Henry, son of John, married Fanny Peterson. Their son, Dennis, married Beatty Lott.

Sally, daughter of John, son of Micajah Sr., married Jacob Harper. (In the Harper group).

Lizzie, daughter of Micajah I, married Robert Henderson. She died in Texas.

Molly, daughter of Micajah I, married Richard Tucker, the first Primitive Baptist preacher that held services at Brushy Creek Church.

Becky, daughter of Micajah I, married Dan Vickers. Their children were: Jack, Wiley, Eli, Henry and John (In the Vickers group).

Henry Paulk, son of old Micajah and Sally, married Mrs. Peterson. She died, leaving Tom and Betsy. Tom married Lucy Lott, they had one son, Dan. Betsy married Archie Gaskins.

Henry next married Sally Griffin. They had one son, Oscar, he married Sally Fussell.

Tom, son of old Micajah and Sally, called "Cursing Tom" married Nancy Henderson. Their children were: Millie, who married Charles Daniels; Becky, who married Elija Tucker, Elija, who married Becky Lott, daughter of Joe; Tom married Melissa Sears, Maragaret married Henry Merritt; and Nancy.

They all settled in Coffee and Berrien counties.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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