April 5, 1912

Vol. XXI No. 48


Eli, Jesse, Youngie and John Vickers, were old settlers of Irwin county. The name of Vickers appeared in the jury list for the first term of the Superior Court in 1820.

Eli Vickers married Becky Paulk, daughter of old Micajah Paulk. Their children were: Jack, Wiley, Eli, Henry, Micajah, William, Mathilda and Polly.

Jack entered the ministry and became a Primitive Baptist preacher. He married Martha Lott, daughter of old Dan Lott. She died, leaving John, who married Unie Whiddon, daughter of Jim Whiddon. Their children were: Lucy, Mattie, Jacob, and Georgian. Lucy married Jim McHargue. Mattie married Henry Beaty, he died. She next married G. Stripling. Jacob married Ava Cox. Georgian married J.McCree. Elsa and Barney, single.

Eli, son of Rev. Jack, married Lila Paulk, daughter of William F. Paulk. Beattie, daughter of Jack, married Elmo Main. Ava Jane, daughter of Jack, married Dempsy Whiddon, son of old Jim Whiddon. (All in the Whiddon group).

Elizabeth married Lucius Paulk, son of old Lolly. She died. (All in the Paulk group).

Martha, daughter of Jack, married Green Henderson. She died.

Dan, son of Rev. Jack, married Belle Bailey.

Rev. Jack next married Jane Graves. He died, leaving Joe, Leon, Louis, Henry, William, Jacob, Melissa, Rachael and Minnie.

Joe, son of Jack, married Elizabeth Daniels. Leon, son of Jack, married Sophronia McMillan, daughter of John. Louis, son of Jack, married Lucy Lott. Henry, not married. William married Bessie Paulk. Jacob married Lola Lott. Melissa, daughter of Jack, married Dr. Howell of Ocilla. He died. Rachael, daughter of Jack, married Lott Paulk. Minnie, daughter of Jack, married Ollie Paulk.

Wiley, brother of old Jack Vickers, married Elizabeth Lott. She died, leaving: Joe, who married Jessie Lott; Elisha married Mary Lott; Eli married Elizabeth McGovern; Mary Jane married John Grantham; Becky Ann married Burrell Sumner, near Chula.

Wiley next married Eugenia Parker, daughter of Dr. Parker. She died also, leaving: Orris, Calvin and Henry, who went to Florida; Mathilda married Elisha Corbett; Mattie married Seward Harper; Eva married Henry Moore, he died. She next married Henry Corbett; Burrell, Carly and Gordon, single.

Wiley's third wife was Betty Gaskins.

Henry, son of Eli, married Ellen Sears. She died, leaving: Elias who married May Goodman. He became a prominent citizen of Tift county and moved to Macon. Becky, daughter of Henry, married Elisha Lott; William married Rachael Turner; Micajah married Winnie Newbern; Ellen married J. Baker; Amanda married Joe Daughtry; Melissa married John Dorminy, son of Jacob; Hattie, single. Hiram.

Micajah, son of old Eli, married Harriett Sears. Their children were: Bartley, Lillie, Hattie, Emma. They all reside in Clinch county.

William, son of old Eli, married Rachael Sizemore. All reside near Douglas.

Flora, daughter of old Eli, married Dan Lott, son of old Elisha Lott. Polly, another daughter of old Eli, married Hamp Sears. They raised a large family.

Jesse Vickers, brother of old Eli, married Becky Paulk. He died leaving one daughter, Beattie, who married Joe Lott, and a son Youngie, who married Mary Peterson.

John Vickers married Abbie Young. Their children were: Wiley (Humpback Wiley), who married Sarah Griffin. She died leaving: Elias, Jim, Dan, Mitchell, Rebecca, Majorie, and Minnie. He next married Mathilda Carver.

Becky, another daughter of John Vickers, married Rev. James McMillan. Tishia and John married in Coffee county.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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