April 12, 1912

Vol. XXI No. 49


Hezekiah, Jonathan, Jack and Wash Walker came from South Carolina, in the early days of Irwin county. Hezekiah married Becky Hall, sister of Jim Hall, who killed old Thomas Young. Their children were: Joe, Jim, George, Hezekiah Jr., Tom, Dan, Betsy, Susan, Judy and Dave.

Joe, son of Hezejuah, married Eliza Griffin. They moved to Florida.

Jim, son of Hezekiah (One-Arm Jim),married Roxy Baker, sister of Harmon Baker. Their children were: Harmon, Jack, Hamo, Lennon, Julia and Susie, single. Tint married Lucie Purvis; Addie married John Salter; Kate married Murdock Stone; Babe married Eph. Cory; Miami married K. Blansette; Jane married J. Poole; Bessie married Fred Gibbs.

George married Mary Jane Goff, sister of John Goff. Their children were: Dan, who married Winnie Simmons; George married Diancy Sumner, daughter of Stewart Sumner; John married Feraby Eldridge; Eliza married Ed Johns of Chula; Minnie married Tom Willis; Lucy married Luke Goodman; Arley was burned to death in the field. The clothing caught fire from a trash pile.

Hezekiah Jr., son of old Hezekiah, married Betty Purvis. Their children were: Joe married Delany Eldridge; Tom died; Jim married Narcissa Purvis; Mattie died.

Tom, son of old Hezekiah, married Mary Nall. They separated. Their children were: Dan, Tom and Becky. He next married Frankie Purvis.

Dan, son of old Hezekiah, never married.

Betsy, son of old Hezekiah, married Dave Hancock; Susan married Jacob Tucker; Martha married Frank Sinclair.

Dave, son of Hezekiah, married Sarah Anne Simpson. Their children were: Sam, Susie, Jane, Mattie, and Viola.

Jonathan, brother of Hezekiah, married Betsy Gibbs.

Jack married Sabry Clements, sister of old Abraham Clements. They lived on the west side of the Alapaha river, directly upon the Bone pond.

Bone ran the first steam grist mill near Irwinville and utilized the pond named after him. He concealed a slave near the close of the war. The slave was the property of Sam Young. Jack Walker detected the darky in the Bone swamp upon Bone's premises. Bone and Walker evidently had a struggle, in which Walker was killed, his body dragged in the swamp and apparently concealed by Bone. Walker's folks missed him when he failed to return. He had departed from home early in the morning. A posse of neighbors searched and discovered his body in the Bone swamp. Bone never confessed the crime but his 14-year-old son divulged the particulars. Bone was lynched at the west end of the farm and buried by the citizens and neighbors.

The children of Jack and Sabry were: Abraham, John, Sam, "Dink" or Melanchton, Rachel, Sarah, Jane, Jonathan, Joseph, and Jim. Abraham died.

John married Jane Hogan, daughter of D.M. Hogan. Their children were: Milton, Dave and Jane, who married John Smith, son of Lawson.

"Red Sam", son of Jack, married Annie Belle McCoy. Their children: Eli married Unie Luke, daughter of J.J. Luke. Mary married John Dorminy, son of Willis Dorminy.

Melanchton, son of Jack, married Martha Fletcher. He was killed by Short-Neck John Williams. Their children were: John, who married Laney Marchant; Jehu married Mary Strobell; Mattie married Robert McCant. He was accidentally shot and killed by his brother. She next married Millard Moore.

Rachel, daughter of Jack, married D. Jonah Hogan, who was tax collector of Irwin county 1902-1904. They moved to Florida. Their children were: John married Jane Ewen, Mattie married Prof. H. Mirray; Julia married Boy Purvis. All reside in Irwin County. Sambo and Elija accompanied their parents to Florida.

Sarah, daughter of Jack, is single.

Jonathan, son of Jack, married Margaret Fletcher, daughter of old Black Jim. Their children: Jim is single; Alice married Ed Clements; Kate married Robert Land.

Joseph, son of Jack, married Jane Hancock, daughter of Rev. Joe Hancock. Their children: Morris is single; A.P. married Miss Smith; Dink married Miss Hall; Jonathan, Jane and George, single.

Jim, son of Jack, married Minnie Cowan. Their children: Ed married Unie Taylor; Jack, single.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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