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Thomas, and Jacob Young came from Jefferson county and were prominent in the early days of Irwin.

Jacob Young was the first Judge of the Inferior court of Irwin county. Thomas Young was the Representative and one of the first Senators of the district.

He was a member of the Legislature and instrumental in moving the courthouse site to Irwinville or at that time Lot 39 where a log house was built that answered for a courthouse until some time later when the grandson of Thomas Young, the present and well known Thos. B. Young, was Ordinary of the county. He had the new frame building erected which caused considerable excitement at what was then considered such an expensive structure. Many of the citizens of Irwin imagined that they would be financially ruined but that courthouse did not ruin them but added to the value of their property and now instead of that one county site we have several and the value of land has increased wonderfully.

There were two factions of politics at that time, the River party and the Backwoods party. Thomas Young, the elder, was with the Backwoods party and was elected on that ticket. The River party was the strongest and had prevailed previously on account of its earlier settlement. The Wilcoxs, Mobleys, McDuffies and others were in possession when the first settlers crossed the Alapaha River. Thomas Young was an able and accomplished leader and led his party to victory. He devoted most of his time to public affairs.

The Youngs, Wilcoxs, Paulks and Dormineys were the political aspirants of that day and furnished the material for political maneuvering and are still in the lime-light, participating in public affairs. Their descendants are scattered throughout various parts of Georgia and Florida.

Tom Wilcox was Captain of an Irwin county company during the war. After the war he represented the county in the Legislature during Governor Bullock's administration. His son, B.E., or "Ras", represented Irwin in both branches of the Legislature with credit and honor.

The Dorminey's have always been prominent in all public affairs.

The Paulk's have been and are still, represented in all movements to further the interests of count and state.

Thomas Young, the elder, was killed by Jim Hall, who was sentenced to the penitentiary. The murder was committed between Broxton and Fitzgerald as near as can be described but at that time neither place was thought of. It is near the road where Rev. Rawlings built a log house in which house the boys were born that were later connected with the murder of the Carter children in Lowdnes county. The house is occupied by T. Burke and is owned by Judge Jowers. Burke had a brother that was killed by Mobley in 1904 in a house close by, occupied by Nasworthy.

Another small house stands on the same land close to the house built by Rawlings, now utilized as a cotton house and barn by Mr. Burke, where a young man named Gouldsby killed his uncle one Sunday. They quarreled over a nickle, won at a game of cards by the uncle. The young man shot his uncle five times and escaped to Florida. He had killed another man prior to coming to this country, in north Georgia.

This section now belongs to Coffee county. It was all Irwin county before 1856, when Worth, Coffee, Colquitt, Berrien, Thomas, Clinch and Lowdnes counties were formed, and in later years Tift, Turner and Ben Hill established.

Thomas Young married Mary Beatty, who was born in Ireland. They settled on the place now owned by Marion Dixon, on the Fitzgerald and Broxton road. Their children were: Jacob, George, Thomas, Becky, Abigail, Margaret, Nancy, Caroline, Mary and Elizabeth, who died young.

Jacob, the oldest son of Thomas Young, became a preacher of the Gospel, in the services of the Primitive Baptist church. He also served Irwin county as its Representative in the Senate and the lower branch of the Legislature. He was active in public affairs.

He married Sophia Fletcher, daughter of old Joe Fletcher, the pioneer. They purchased a place on the Alapaha river from John B. Dorminey and raised a large family. Their children are T.B., Becky, Mary, and Maragaret.

T.B. or Thomas Young, son of Jacob, married Unie Henderson. He represented Irwin county in the Legislature, was Judge of the Court of Ordinary and held other offices.

Their children were: Joseph H. who served as Clerk of Superior Court of Irwin county for two consecutive terms. He is one of the largest farmers in Irwin county. He married Minnie Mitchell, daughter of William Mitchell.

Mary, daughter of T.B., married S.A. Youmans, they went to Florida, returning several years afterwards and locating at Valdosta.

Howell, youngest son of T.B., is single.

George, son of old Thomas Young, represented Irwin county in the Legislature when the capital was at Milledgeville. He was one of the most intelligent, intellectual men of his day and time. He lived at Irwinville when Jeff Davis was captured, and was Judge of the Inferior Court at that time.

He married Mary Cooper, daughter of Bob Cooper. They both died at their old homestead near Alapaha river, where they moved after leaving Irwinville. Their children were: Eliza, Mary, Sarah, Nancy, Jacob, Love, Ida, Jane and Maggie.

Eliza, daughter of George Young, married John Gibbs, she died leaving Mitt, who married Rodgers, Mary who married Frank Whiddon, Johnnie who married Dan Willis, Ida who married Henry Crawford of Waycross.

Mary, daughter of George Young, married Horton Fletcher, he died.

Sarah, daughter of George Young, married Wiley Branch Sr.

Nancy, daughter of George Young, Married W.W.WD. Branch.

Jacob, son of George Young, married Jimmie Sutton. He was killed while attending to his official duties as marshal of Sylvester, leaving Theola and Artie.

Love, son of George Young, married Judy Branch, daughter of Baby Branch. Their children are Jimmie Lee, Osburn and Earl.

Ida, daughter of George Young, married George F. Paulk, she died.

Jane, daughter of George Young, married Henry Fletcher, son of Wiley Sr.

Maggie, daughter of George Young, married Jehu Branch, son of Big Bill, she died.

George Young died in December, 1908. He, William Branch and Warren Paulk all died within two weeks. All three had represented Irwin county in the Legislature and were among its oldest, most highly honored and useful citizens.

Thomas II, son of old ThomasI, was Ordinary of Coffee county for a number of years. He married Emily Passmore. He died in 1910. She preceded him to the grave one year previous, leaving George , Jacob, Mary, Lottie, Archie, Emily, Tim, Tom and Carrie.

George married Emma Smith of Coffee county.

Jacob married Mary Henderson.

Archie married Eliza Buthnot.

Margaret married Tom Fletcher, son of Black Jim.

Mary married John Rothenberry.

Emily married Broughton.

Carrie marrried J. Gaskew, of North Carolina.

Tom married Eliza McGovern. Tim not married.

Becky, oldest daughter of Thomas Young I, married John Hill. He died when her children were small leaving: Nancy, Elizabeth, Jacob, Rat and Billy.

Abigail, daughter of Thomas Young I, married John Vickers.Their children are: Becky, Wiley, Tishie and John. She later married Jim Dorminy and went to Alabama.

Nancy, daughter of Thomas Young I, married Jacob Harper. She died leaving a son, Henry, who married Sallie Vickers. Thier children were:

Wiley, who married Ava Burns, daughter of Sam.

Jacob, married Emma Mattox.

Arthur, who married Lila Paulk.

Needham, who married Phoebe Griffin.

Thomas, Elbert and Pearl, single.

Nancy married Wiley Harper, son of Luke.

Becky married Elisha Paulk, son of Speed.

Mary Ellen married Luke.

Caroline, daughter of Thomas I,married Sandy Jim Fletcher. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Young (called Peggy) married Archie McMillan. Both died leaving a large family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. (All in the McMillan group).

"Fat Jake" Young, brother of Thomas Young I, married Laney Marchant. Their children were: George, Issac, Tom, Becky, Annie, Micajah, Jim, Walter, Marcissa, Jane and Margaret.

George, called "Little River George", married Polly Van Fletcher. Their children:

Jacob married widow Story, she died.

Mary married Brown.

William married Miss Bass. Both died.

Babe married Hon. Jim Henderson of Sycamore.

George, not married.

Issac son of Fat Jake, married Mary Ann Blanchard.

Their children were:

Sarah Annie, who married Barney Conger.

Betsy, who married Shade Conger, who was killed at Salem church by the Taylor boys, leaving Nelson, Jack (dead), Barney, Abraham, Isaac, Mary and Dollie.

Jake, or "Crippled Jake", son of Isaac, married Annie Willis. Their children are: Reuben and Mrs. Self. He moved to Florida.

Reuben, son of Isaac, was killed in Florida.

Tom, son of Fat Jake, married Martha Sumner. Their children were:

Benjamin, who married Sallie Handcock.

Arsula, who married John Boseman. She died.

Barzilla, who married Robert Ford of Ty Ty. Both died.

Rufus, who married Kate McPhaul.

Priscilla, who married D.W. Whiddon of Chula.

Primus, who married Lila Willis .

Gilbert , who married Ada McCrarey.

George, who married Alice Whitley, daughter of Judge Wiley Whitley.

Becky daughter of Fat Jake, married Jack Sumner. She died, leaving one child, Becky, who married Berry Harrington.

Micajah, son of Fat Jake, married Hetty Warren. Their children:

J.M., married Earl Fletcher, daughter of Elbert, who was killed at Tifton, and was buried near Chula.

Betsy, married Jim Pitts. He died.

Jim, son of Fat Jake , married Betsy Sumner. He died in the war, leaving Walker, who married Rachel Branch, daughter of Big Bill. Their children were:

Henry, who married Lula King.

Jane who married Roy Wright.

Joe, Millie, Judy, Willie May, Jim, Gordon and Elias, single.

Jim, son of Jim, married Fanny Thornhill.

Walter, son of Fat Jake, died.

Narcissa, daughter of Fat Jake, married Don Willis. Jane married Joe Sumner.

Martin, son of Fat Jake, married Lucinda Ridgon. He died, she went to Florida.

"Hopping Jake" Young, cousin to Thomas I, married Elizabeth Welch.

They settled near the old Jacob Paulk place, near Tom Whitley's. From there they moved to the Jack Fletcher place, near Mystic. Their children: Isaac, Jim, or"Bowlegged Jim", Barzilla, Elizabeth and Martha.

Isaac, son of Hopping Jake, married Nancy Roberts. Their children were: Elija, Henry, Jesse, Jim, Tom, George, Jane, Mary and Margaret.

Elija, son of Isaac Young, married Mrs. Margaret Whitley. Their children were: Drucilla, Barzilla, Mattie, Rachel, Eva, Vera, Albert, who married Carrie Paulk, daughter of Red Cager.

Barzilla married J. Hunter.

Eva married Claude Hanlon, son of Editor Jim Hanlon.

Henry, son of Isaac, married Betsy Griffin, they moved to Omega.

Tom, Jim and George died in the war.

Jesse married Mary Daniels, he died.

Sally daughter of Isaac, married Dan Purvis. Sam married Emma Clements; Mitchell not married.

Mary, daughter of Isaac, married Allen Dixon.

Jane, Margaret and Harriet, single.

"Bowlegged Jim," brother of Isaac, married Sarah Woodward. Their children: Jacob, married Sally Glover. Nancy married Cannady; Sarah married Charlie Driver; Margaret married Shafer; Elizabeth married Glover.

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Please take note that this information came from long ago and has not been corrected for accuracy. Many of these sketches have names transposed or just plain wrong information so use this as a starting point, not the final end to your research. THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It is a summary of the genealogical findings of one man, Gus Adams, which were unsubstantiated and should be used as such. You can find much more info from the Irwin County pages of my website

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