This was written in 1912 and published in the "Tifton Gazette"
J.E.(Edd) Dorminey, 923 Dorminey-Doss Road, Tifton^GA 31793

Feb. 23, 1912 Vol. XXI No. 42


Joe and Jesse Sumner, brothers, and their cousin, William came from Emanuel County. Joe married Mahala Smith, who accompanied him to Irwin. Their children were: Gordon, Sallie, Dan, Jack, Joe M. , Matilda, Martha, Tom, George, Sophronia and Missouri. Joe and his wife had the pleasure of raising a large family and lived to a ripe old age, to see their grandchildren settle down and prosper. Their children were: Gordon, the oldest son of Joe, married Rachel Marchant. Their children: Joe L. who married Josephine Thornhill: Mahala, who married L.A. Kelly; Tempy, who married A.J. Paulk; and George, who married Ruth Paul. Gordon and his family settled at Isabella; Mahala and George have no children. George, son of Joe L., married Georgeia Ann Ford, daughter of G.G. Ford. Vita, daughter of Joe L., married L.L. Simmons. Elizabeth married John Spring first, afterwards, W.R. Glover; she died leaving a son, Robert, who is a student at the Agicultural School, Tifton. Beulah married N.G.Houston. Lou married William Connolly. Emma married George Houston. Tilthy married J.J. Mims of Sylvester. Dr. Gordon married Emma Chapman, they live at Shingler. Tempy and Jack Paul have two sons, Gordon and George, both married.

Sally, daughter of old Joe, married Ben Willis, son of old Ben Willis (In the Willis group). Dan, son of old Joe, married Martha Monk. Their children were: Jane, William, Marion, Georgian, Ellen, Ellafair, Martha, Matilda, Beauregard and Eliza. Jane married J.J. Whiddon; William married Rhohem Mitchell; Marion married Mary Harris; Georgian married Shade Hancock; Ellen married Jerry Hancock, she died. Mattie married Dan Bridges. Beauregard married Becky Thornhill. He died. Eliza married Walter Dunn. Ellafari died; Matilda single. Jack, son of old Joe, married Becky Ann Young, daughter of "Fat Jake." She died. He next married Polly Hobby. She died. He next married Pennaline Joiner. The town of Sumner was named for him. Joe M. son of old Joe, married Jane Young. Their children were: Tom, who married Jane Branch; daughter of John Branch; Leonard married Cora Balcomb; Betsy married Dr. Warren Williams; Frances married M.C. Lemons of North Carolina; Oscaer first married Clifford Royal, daughter of Peleg Royal of Sycamore, and next married Josie Jones; John married Belle Deariso; Hattie married Jim Dykes; Maude married Charles Williams: Eliza married Aurelias Bass; and Henry single. Matilda, daughter of old Joe, married Jehu Fletcher, of the tribe of Joseph. Martha married Tom young, son of Fat Jake.

Tom, son of old Joe Sumner, died in the war.

Sophronia married Elbert Fletcher. She died and was buried near Chula, near the old homestead. Missouri, daughter of old Joe, married Joe Sutton (See Suttons) George, son of old Joe, married Rhoda Porter. Their children were: Buck, who married Eliza Poulan, had one son, Charles, who married Mittie Bradshaw. Dan, son of George, married Mary Bridges. Ellen married W.R. Glover. She died. Alice married Sheppard Pittman. Florence married Jacob Fletcher, son of Sandy Jim. She died. Tom married Lou Pittman; they had two children, Myra and Glenn. Lizzie, daughter of George, married Collie Stanford. Willie married Nora Jordan. Julia, youngest daughter of George, single.


Jesse Sumner, brother to old Joe, married Viney Yates, in Emanuel county, who accompanied him to Irwin. They had a large family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Joe, the oldest son, died. The other children were: Jim, Alexander, Ashley, Burrell, Jesse, William, John, Ransom, Nancy, Rachel, Winnie (died unmarried), Betsy and Eliza. Jack, oldest son of Jim, married Faithy Paulk. He was killed at a barn raising at Sycamore. She died previously. Jim, son of old Jim, married Jane Hooks. He was the first representative of Turner County in the legislature, and one of the wealthiest farmers in the county. They had no children. Millie, daughter of old Jim, married Lott Warren. They settled near Inaha and raised a large family. Their children were: Mary married Gordon Clyatt, of Florida; they settled in the northern part of Tift county. Jim married Abigail Hendricks of Macon; she died. Jane married W.D. Fountain of Sycamore. Sallie married Dr. Theodore Ellis; he died leaving a daughter , Berta; she next married James Denham; he died leaving three small children. George married Otha Clements of Sycamore. Lottie married Charlie Ray of Ashburn. Blonnie and Lott Jr. Are single. Liza, daughter of old Jim Sumner, married Ben Cravey, County Commissioner of Turner. Their children were: Mary married George Brookes; Millie married Rufus Parks; Bee married Burt Sheppard; William married Lizzie Luke; Leacy and other small children. Old Jim Sumner died, leaving his widow to mourn for him. He left a handsome estate. His widow spent her declining years in the old log house that he built. Cager, son of Burrell, married Ethel Sullivan of Arkansas.

Alexander, son of old Jesse Sumner, married Laney Marchant, sister to Toney and Willis. Both died childless. Ashley, son of old Jesse, married Martha Sutton. He died, leaving Ellen, Jane, Burrell, John, and Seaton. Ellen, daughter of Ashley, married Tom McMillan. She died childless.

Jane married Jesse Smith. He died, leaving, Jim, who married Mary Yarbrough; Ruth married Emanuel Yarbrough; she died. Mattie married Tim Sheffield; they separated. Nan married Duncan Willis, son of Tom. Betsy married Nick Willis, son of John I. Lou not married.

Burrell, son of Ashley, married Roxie Lamb. No children.

John, son of Ashley, married Minnie Kitchens.

Seaton, son of Ashley, married Mattie Fletcher, daughter of J.M.. They raised a large family. Their son, Ashley married Blonnie Daniels. Martha married William Butler. The others are: Mary, Camille, Marcus, Hershel, Gray and Omie.

Burrell, son of old Jesse Sumner, married Nancy Branch, daughter of Dave. He died in the war leaving one child, Burrell or B.B. who married Becky Ann Vickers, daughter of old Wiley Vickers of Coffee County. They settled near Waterloo on the Albany and Irwinville road where they raised fifteen children. Their oldest son, Wiley, is Cashier of the Willacoochee Bank.

Nancy married Greenberry Felts of Chula.

Micajah married Leacy Branch.

Walter married Minnie Cravey, daughter of Jim Cravey of Worth County.

Mary Jane, Millie, Sallie, Unie, Lucy, Hattie, Edwin, Mattie, Chelsey, Rebecca, and Berta, all alive and healthy.

Jesse, son of old Jesse Sumner, whom everyone in Tift and Irwin counties knew as "Uncle Jesse" married Polly Ann Drawdy. His second marriage was with Kate Sutton; both lived to a ripe old age. Their children were: Jordan married Jane Willis; He was killed by Conger and Gibbs, leaving Missouri, Ben, Jesse, Elbert, and Millie.

Alex, son of Jesse, married Phela Register. William married Sarah Elliot. Seaborn married Louise Porter, daughter of Hamp Porter. Rachel married Tom Jackson. Sallie married Tom Butler. Lucy married Jim Yawn. All have large families.

William, son of old Jesse, married Betsy Warren. He died.

Rachel, daughter of old Jesse, married old Malcolm McMillan. Nancy, daughter of old Jesse, married John Roberts. Her daughter, Nancy, married "Fried Meat John" Smith. She was the mother of B.E., or "Ras" who married Ella Royal; Oscar, who married Miss Fountain; Ella who married Mr. Morgan; and Reason.

Other children of John Roberts were: Dan, William, Maria, Jesse, and Betsy.

Betsy, daughter of old Jesse Sumner, married Ryan Kinard. Their children were: Martha, Ryan, Rachel and Rufus.

Eliza, daughter of old Jesse, married John Marchant, brother of Toney and Willis. They settled near Omega.

John, son of old Jesse Sumner, married Cornelia Sutton. He died after the war, leaving Joe, who married Peggy Hooks. Susie married Augustus Phelps. He died, leaving Minnie, who married Jehu Branch. Peal married Jack Davidson; Nora married Arthur Whiddon, and Clorinda married Allen Smith, son of Griffin.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Sumner, married John Butler. No children.

Melissa, daughter of John, never married.

Walter, son of John, married Annie Elliott. He died, leaving a family.

Henry, son of John, married Mamie Felts, daughter of Rev. G.B. Felts.

Sallie, daughter of John, married John Elliott.

Ed, youngest son of John, married Fannie Swain; she died, he next married Lona Belle Turner.


William Sumner, cousin to Joe and Jesse, who came from Emanuel county, married Nancy McDaniel. Their children were: Mehala, Sallie, Caroline, Angeline, Cynthia, Belisa, Berry, Robert, Stewart and Matthew.

Sallie married Willis Marchant, brother of Tommy and John.

Angeline married ??d Walker.

Mahala, Caroline, Cynthia, Belisa, Berry, Mathew, and Robert single.

Stewart married Nancy Blanchard. Their children were: William married Mattie Porter, daughter of Joe Porter; Nancy married William Horne; Sarah married Aaron Chandler; Cynthia married Lenwood Jordan; Dollie single.

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