South Georgia & Dorminy/Dorminey Family Genealogy !

J.E. (Edd) Dorminey

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It is my pleasure to present this webpage. I hope you are able to use it to expand the knowledge of your genealogy. Family and friends are two of the greatest blessings any of us can have and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine.


I have PUBLISHED a huge book of over 900 pages size 8 1/2 x 11 with many old family photo's, entitled


Follow the link to get a form to print out. Price is $75 which includes tax and shipping. This is a great bargain for the material covered in this fantastic book that will be treasured in your family for years.(If the link to the book order page doesn't work, just email me from the link at the bottom of the page and I'll get you the info).

To see all the names in the book, If you would like, you can view the complete index for the book showing the names and dates of the people in the book. If you find anyone that ties into your family, you should order a book today. I know, this is a LOT of money for one book. However, I've never had a person tell me that it wasn't worth every dime and I know you will enjoy it also.

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(This line probably better known for his son. James H. Dorminey of Irwin County, Georgia)

I offer three books that are available ONLY online. If you are running Internet Explorer and can open a Wordperfect file, you are in business with perfectly formatted documents. If you can only open a Microsoft Word file, one has been converted with some formatting problems but it will still open, you just have to realize that the formatting and page numbers might be off. The files are large, give them time to open.
If you can send me any updated information on this family, please do so as soon as possible as I'm not getting any younger. (-)

I do want to give a special thanks to Heinz L. Burkhardt of Germany who is a descendant also of Jacob Dominig and is researching in Germany even now to find more information on our family. It is a slow process as he is employed full-time, but this will be more information to fill in our jig-saw puzzle of family history. He has already sent genealogy sheets that helped get us this far, but more will be forthcoming as he has time.

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This is an update on the genealogy going back as far as we can trace it. This goes back to 1637 and is our direct line of ancestors.

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Our family came from a small village in Germany, Machtolsheim. (Between the city of Ulm and the city of Stuttgart, just about a mile or so south of the Autobahn). It is near the village of Laichengen and is sometimes now only referenced that way even though they are two distinct villages. I am assembling some interesting pictures that show the village and some of the information that we have about the family. I hope you enjoy this information! Anyone that has more information please email me as listed above.

Also, I'm putting some German information here that I need help translating.

If you know enough to help, please look through this file and see if you can translate a few pages (or more)

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Irwin County Probate Records

We funded and with the generous help of Roland and Menita Pabst who input all the information ( it took almost a year of 8 hour a day work!). The recording of all the records in the Irwin County Probate Office located in the Irwin County, Georgia probate court from the beginning of the county in 1818 up to the year 1959 have been completed. I have put the complete index to these records online for all to have available access. If you would like an actual copy of the record itself, you can get it in one of two ways, by either contacting one of the Family History Centers at a local Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Morman) Church and getting them to order the microfilm for you, (short term loan for just a few dollars each) or you might go to either the Ocilla Library in Irwin County, Georgia, or the Tift County Library in Tift County, Georgia and look up the microfilm yourself free of charge and make a copy from one of the two sets that I donated for their use. Please do not contact me to make you a copy because I won't, but rather seek out the source yourself.

If you want copies of the records or marriage certificates, you can order the microfilm from the Family History Center in Salt Lake City for about $30 per roll. There are 17 rolls, which include the estate records of Irwin County also. Order from :

Family History Department
50 E. North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

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My father was born a "Dorminy" and evolved into a "Dorminey". A long story that is explained in my book listed above. However, his family consisting of three brothers and his mother and father can be seen in the William H. Dorminy Family Portrait.


My favorite family photo of my Great Uncle Budger Hampton Dorminy is a sight to behold. He liked to hunt, fish and save money according to his grandson. My father used to refer to him and he was known generally in the family as Uncle "H". He lived near the Alapaha River and had all daughters! Here he is with his deer horn, dogs and double barrel shotgun.

Also I am researching related lines in the family like the Petty Family. This page has an extensive database and some pictures of the family you will enjoy. They are from my Maternal Parentage. Look at Petty's at Lake Blackshear for a picture of our "group".



One particularly successful part of my research has to do with related lines of South Georgia families. Around the "turn of the Century" (1912) there was a man by the name of Gus Adams (friends called him "Pat") who lived near Chula,GA with several families. First with William and Louisa Jane Branch and then at the home of some of their grown children. After a while he moved in with the D.H. Hogan family. Gus was from Brooklyn, New York and came to Georgia about 1878 where he followed his occupation as a painter and decorator. While residing and working around the Chula area, he went from home to home and knew all the old residents of this section and visited with them. He attended family reunions, annual meetings and celebrations, and his writings of these gatherings were an interesting feature of the "Tifton Gazette" in Tifton Georgia for many years. Gus died in 1933. These stories live on to tell some very interesting histories of the different families of the area. Look especially at the "Whiddon" write up as it is very interesting in relation to the Dorminy family and where they originated.

CAUTION!!! Please be aware that Mr. Adams did not have the benefit of a computer to cross check his information. He has a LOT of mistakes in these histories but if you use them, and are aware of this fact, you can benefit by having a starting point. Do not use this information as your final reference . I know for a fact that a lot of Dorminy information as well as other information is partially WRONG so to be forwarned is to be forarmed.

Dorminy Family
Gibbs Family
Harper Family
Henderson Family
Hobby Family
Lott Family
Luke Family
Paulk Family
Ross Family
Sumner Family
Sutton Family
Vickers Family
Walker Family
Warren Family
Whiddon Family
Whitley Family
Willis Family
Young Family

My family enjoys hobbies of Waterskiing, Fishing, Tennis, Scuba Diving,dove hunting, quail hunting, Golf (well at least I do), and other outdoor activities.

My lovely wife, Janice, graduated from LaGrange College also and then worked and received her Master's Degree and worked 30 years as a Consultant with the Psycho-Educational Services (now Horizon Academy) in Tifton. She is a real "master" at getting me to do things and making me think it was my idea!

My two girls, Jennifer and Jeanine of whom I am proud, excelled at almost all the athletics they have been involved with and both knocked the top off the academics! While they each have a wall full of trophies in their rooms, I'm most pleased with the large trophies for highest grades in their respective organizations! (They get it from their mother!) Jeanine obtained her Masters Degree in Math Education. She taught math in Martinez, GA while putting her husband, Luke Webster, through school and now they have an office in Tifton, Pediatric Dental Center of Georgia. . Jennifer is an attorney with Hall, Booth & Smith in Tifton and she works on County Attorney business and also defends doctors, insurance companies and other forms of law practice. She is married to Scott Herzog who works with Hasty's Communications in Tifton.

Here they are standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1996. Jennifer is on the left with Jeanine on the right.

And here they are with Janice standing on a hill overlooking the town of Salzburg, Austria in the Spring of 1997. We were in Germany and went to our ancestral village of Machtolsheim also.

L-R Jennifer, Janice and Jeanine

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